Don't Sit Home® 2.0

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the Don’t Sit Home® blog has a new look and will be updated with all new content!

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WELCOME to Don’t Sit Home®, the updated lifestyle blog and social media experience business motivating you to not sit home by highlighting the "Best of the Best" of things to do, places to go, lifestyle tips, products, drinks, eats, activities, and more through. Life is too short to just sit home, and our team is on a mission to help inspire people of all ages and lifestyles to go out and live the best life possible with a unique and informative collection of ideas, reviews, services, experiences, partnerships, and more. 

Don't Sit Home Founder, Amanda Morrison - Photo Credit:  Alastair Arthur Photography

Don't Sit Home Founder, Amanda Morrison - Photo Credit: Alastair Arthur Photography

About The Founder: 

My name is Amanda Morrison and I am a Hoboken, NJ resident. I’m an active person and lover of life with a wide range of interests. I left my job at The Associated Press as the Intellectual Property Coordinator managing their global IP portfolio in 2014 to pursue my mission of inspiring and informing others and to follow my entrepreneurial dream with Don’t Sit Home®. I have traveled to 44 states and 16 countries so far, lived in England to study abroad in college, and I have driven across the country to see the USA firsthand. My hope is to add to those travels and experiences to showcase all of the opportunities, activities, people, eats, drinks, businesses, and more that the world has to offer.

What We Cover:

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can fall under the #dontsithome brand. Food, music, travel, products, fashion, art, culture, fitness, events, reviews, and much more will be included in our coverage. Don't Sit Home's home base is the New York City area, but we want to provide a well balanced experience so no matter where in the world you are, Don't Sit Home® can be of service and provide enjoyment for you.


Our Services/Opportunities:

  • Advertising and Sponsorship: A Don’t Sit Home® media packet is available that outlines blog, podcast, video, social media, and event advertising and sponsorship opportunities and services for your product, brand, charity, and/or business.

  • Events: Stay tuned for Don’t Sit Home® sponsored and curated events around the NYC area and beyond. We also provide event planning services for a wide range of needs.

  • Creative: We can help you grow your business and social media reach with consulting, marketing, branding, and social media management assistance and services.

  • Concierge: If you or someone you know is looking for a unique experience in the NYC area, Amanda and her team can assist locals and tourists alike to plan the perfect day(s) to make any experience more time efficient, budget appropriate, and unique. Concierge services can be provided for individuals, families, wedding parties, companies {team building, holiday parties, etc.}, and more to fit your concierge service needs.

  • Press: Don’t Sit Home® travels to review businesses, locations, events, and products, and covers a wide range of press events, openings, and more.

  • Public Speaking: Amanda Morrison is available for public speaking events and panel discussions.



To inquire about any of the Don't Sit Home® services, or if you have an idea for blog posts, or want to contact Don’t Sit Home for any reasons, please email and someone from our team will respond!

Social Media:

Make sure to also follow along on @dontsithome social media for realtime event coverage and for more #dontsithome photos, videos, information, and inspiration!